Acusis Medical Coding


Acusis, a pioneer and leader in medical transcription, successfully ventured into medical coding in 2015 with its proven potent combination of people, process and technology and has established a strong presence in Indian medical coding arena since then.

"Medical Coding" is a vital part of healthcare revenue management cycle. The medical coding market is expected to grow at 15% from 2014 – 2022 at a “faster than average” pace. (Source – US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

As with transcription, outsourcing will form an integral part of servicing and matching customer expectations, and with more people than ever coming under the insurance coverage umbrella in the US, prospects for medical coding and Indian medical coding are very bright.

If you are an outstanding coder, we welcome you to be part of our elite team. If you are looking for a bright start to your career in medical coding, register now to attend a free webinar for more details on Acusis Medical Coding Training (AMCT).

With the switch from ICD9-CM to ICD10-CM codes, this is perhaps the best time to enter coding!

Acusis Recruitment Process

Below is a simple depiction of our coding recruitment process. Take the first step towards joining our elite team, fill out Acusis Coding Opportunities form