Program Curriculum

ACHDS Prep Program covers training on the following AHDI’s curriculum for the actual CHDS (formerly known as CMT) exam.

Medical Language

English Language

Anatomy and Physiology

Disease Processes

Medicolegal Issues

Transcription Performance

Editing Performance

Proofreading Performance


Total Study Hours: 150 Hrs.

Program Duration

90-Day self-paced study program with online access to Acusis Online Learning Management System.

Program Duration


Systematically structured theory sessions run on Acusis Learning Management System spread over the entire 90 days which helps candidates to track their progress, pace, and learning curve and efficiently manage time. Instant feedback helps candidates in assessing areas of strengths and weakness and practice lessons based on their areas of weakness are instituted to improve their skills in a timely manner.

Practical Training

Practical training consists of transcription, editing, and proofreading of a variety of reports. Appropriate practical training sessions are placed at required intervals over the entire 90 days. The breakup and the evaluations closely mimic the actual CHDS (formerly known as CMT) exam.

CHDS Prep Exam

The CHDS Prep Exam will be held after successful completion of the course. Performance in this exam against the benchmarked scores helps determine the preparedness of the candidate for the actual CHDS exam.

CHDS Simulation Exam

The CHDS Simulation Exam will be held after successful completion of CHDS Prep Exam. The format and the evaluation methodology used in the CHDS Simulation Exam follows the actual CHDS exam. Very effectively benchmarked scores of this exam help us in evaluating candidates’ performance against performance of their predecessors who have successfully completed the AHDI CHDS certification exam.

NOTE: The CHDS exam has been renamed as Credential Qualifying Exam (CQE)..

Credential Qualifying Exam (CQE)

CQE will deliver a candidate both exams, Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist or RHDS (formerly known as RMT) and Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist or CHDS formerly known as CMT), in a single setting, allowing the testing engine to determine qualification based on cut scores for each competency level.

A CQE candidate would sit for a 250-question test whereby they would be tested on RHDS content first, and if cut scores for level 1 content are met, the candidate would then be put through the CHDS content. At the end of a single exam session, the candidate would leave with either one of the following:

 1)  If the candidate clears level 1 and level 2, the candidate will be CHDS certified.

 2)  If the candidate clears level 1, but does not clear level 2, the candidate will be RHDS certified.

 3)  ) If the candidate does not clear level 1 (at which point the exam will terminate), the candidate will
        not be certified.

The above process will ensure that all CHDS candidates will have made it through level 1 content before moving on to level 2. This means that RHDS is a prerequisite for CHDS.