Mary Haze

Mary Haze, CHDS

HQCA - Acusis - Mysore

Since I joined MT industry, becoming CMT was a dream that I had always cherished, but the practicality of chasing my dream, I thought, was unattainable. So, I kept it safe in my heart thinking that when the time is right, I will go for it. I knew that Acusis was providing training for CMT and that many had been certified, so when I joined Acusis I knew I was getting a step closer to capturing my dream. Though I kept inquiring about CMT to the training team and my CMT friends, I could never find the courage or time to go for it. I was always looking for the right time, and right time never came. At last I thought, “I am gonna give it a try.”

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, just imagine that it is going to launch you into something great”

Considering the sheer vastness of the subject the amount of hard work and time that was required to be invested was daunting, but the meticulous and simplified course structure covered all the aspects and provided a super smooth cruising. Only problem was to dedicate considerable amount of time. It was arduous for me to squeeze in time for the daily studies and often had to burn midnight oil. I am extremely thankful to Sri Rekha for helping me keep focused.

I am out of words to thank Sri Rekha, Harsha, my Production Supervisor, Acusis Mysore, my family, and on top of all God for all the support I got in changing something impossible to sheer possibility.

Mary Haze