Dr. Ajay Patil

Dr. Ajay Patil, CHDS

Quality Manager - OptiScribe Inc - Mysore

“And, when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

~ Paulo Coelho

As like above-stated quote, it happened to me and with the help of all who are surrounding me, I was able to achieve the CMT certification. After working for more than 10 years, there was a dream that something should be in hand in terms of certification. With this thought in mind, on one of the fortuitous day, I came across the Acusis CMT Prep Program. I enrolled into it, and from that time the beautiful journey began.

“If the Path is Beautiful, Ask Where It Leads...! But If the Destination is Beautiful, Don't Ask How the Path Is”

I understood the quote while working with Acusis, especially Srirekha and Mr. Harsha, in this program. They were the anchors to achieve that destination. The training program is designed and monitored in such an excellent way that I do not have words. The most important thing, other than training material and practical, is the word of encouragement, and without this I couldn’t have achieved this. I am grateful to Acusis, Srirekha, and Harsha for being there for me and leading me towards it. I would not have attained this without blessings of my mother and father, without kind support of my wife, Dr. Chhaya, and my beautiful daughter, Kaivalya. I will just say

Gratitude is the heart’s memory!!

Dr. Ajay Patil

I will carry all these beautiful memories with me for long. Thank you Acusis and to all those who are involved in it!