Shaival Shah

Shaival Shah, CMT

Senior QA - Intivia Informatics Pvt. Ltd. - Vadodara

“Trust in god and he will lead your way being a powerful lighthouse in your life.”

Becoming a CMT was like a dream come true. I started my career in Medical Transcription in year 2000. Since this long, I was dreaming to become a CMT and that long awaited opportunity came when I met Mr. Harsha P. - Asst. Manager - Instructional Design of Acusis through a colleague of mine and my world changed. He and Acusis provided me the basic platform and essential training module for CMT which is designed in such a way that it makes you thorough in your field.

I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Harsha P. and management of Acusis of changing our lives and being there for people like us in the hour of need. I wish them luck as well as those aspiring CMTs who they will prepare for their better future

Thank you Acusis for what change you have brought and hope you prepare many more CMTs and make their dream come true like you have done mine.

Shaival Shah