Malathi Anantha

Malathi Anantha, CMT

Editor - C Bay Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

“High five guys!”

I sure want to celebrate with all my fellow colleagues and members of the MT industry on the joyous occasion of me becoming a CMT! It is no less a celebration of faith, hard work, and dedication to achieve something so worthwhile, while sacrificing many things along the way.

Some may consider me a newbie to the MT industry with only 2-1/2 years of experience in production, but Mr. Harsha had faith in me from the first day and encouraged me to go ahead and achieve the CMT credential.

I am forever indebted to Acusis and Mr. Harsha for guiding me in time on the right path to the CMT goal. Being in the science field all my life did help me in grasping the modules fast, but medicine being such a vast field, proper guidance to tread the path to CMT success was shown by Acusis CMT program. The modules were thought provoking and many times encouraged me to research more to broaden my knowledge.

Looking back, all this would still be a dream without the immense support from God and my family, especially my husband who would dish out delicious cuisines to keep up my strength and motivation during my CMT preparation!!

Malathi Anantha