Bubun Roy

Bubun Roy, CMT

HT - Acusis Chennai

I had started my medical transcription career 9 years ago, and a CMT certificate at that time was something which I had considered equivalent to an Olympic Gold medal; dreamt of but always unattainable.

September 26, 2011 was the golden day when I achieved my long cherished dream of becoming a CMT. I thought that I will not be able to clear it, as with all the heavy workload and meeting targets of daily line count each day plus going through the exhaustive study material once I thought it will be impossible for me to clear it, but I want to thank Harsha for his continuing guidance and support and tips provided to clear the exam.

Even as I completed the exam and when I finally saw my results flash on the screen, I could not believe my eyes. The material that was provided, the evaluations that were made, and the kind understanding approach of my instructor, Harsha, for every doubt that I come across and timely needed encouragement, I cannot forget because without all of these, I do not think I would have ever become a CMT. For all those taking up the exam, I would suggest that go through the training material provided, take the tests, and try to tackle the exam in a systemic way and it would be very easy to clear. I can very proudly say that from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh I am the only one CMT till now.

Bubun Roy