Chippigiri Ajayasimha

Chippigiri Ajayasimha, CMT

Proofer - Ajaxdotcom

I first heard of medical transcription a decade ago. I had absolutely no clue of the ABCs of it until I joined Ajaxdotcom 7 years ago just to make a living out of it. Since then, the journey has continued all the way, crossing milestones at regular intervals until today CMT, the aspiration of every serious-minded MT. True, only the creamiest of the whole lot has cleared this gateway until now, and I am very fortunate and absolutely enraptured having accomplished this near-impossible feat.

Hurray! Bravo! Congrats!

The ACMT prep program is unmistakably of highest standards – everything of it including the design, content, methodology, the schedule with in-between practicals, ending finally with alternating simulation and prep exams. Three months of dedicated effort with this material, not to forget the regular updates, is more than sufficient to help an aspiring candidate.

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

Yes, this has been made possible because of the endless list of people who have in one way or other helped me – Colleagues, MT industry fraternity, family, friends, relatives, on and on and above all, distinctly, because of the God Almighty's alms. My heartfelt thanks to one and all for their guidance, patience, sacrifices, motivations, and everything. A very special thanks to Acusis for providing me the opening and officiating till the end, not to forget Mr. Harsha, who made it look so simple.

Chippigiri Ajayasimha

Ignorance isn't bliss, get your facts straight

If achieving CMT credential is itself a feat, the knowledge that one gains through this entire process is simply bounteous. I can now take great pride to reveal that I am better learned of the vast ocean of LOM, have better clarity of the baffling English with its grammar, and of course am better aware of the BOS, HIPAA compliance, and technical aspects.

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

While in the short run, CMT may seem to be of little help, definitely with tomorrow's MT industry presenting a totally different scenario wherein MTs will be faced with more challenges, CMTs will be in great demand and so I would suggest every level-headed MT take up CMT seriously to prepare himself/herself for the future.