Bandla Vijaya

Bandla Vijaya, CMT

Trainer - Medi Scriptoria Nellore

Dreams come true when you grab the right opportunity……..this is what I have learned in this journey to become a CMT. Yes, I really was dreaming to become a CMT as any other aspiring MT, but I was not given much information about this from any source earlier. It so happened that I was browsing through Acusis webpage and I came across this opportunity to become a CMT. I instantly grabbed the opportunity as I personally know the standards, discipline, and commitment of Acusis. I was very happy for that because I know that I am in safe hands, which will not leave me without becoming a CMT.

The material that was provided, the evaluations that were made, and the kind understanding approach of my instructor, Harsha, for every doubt that I come across and timely needed encouragement, I cannot forget because without all of these, I do not think I would have ever become a CMT. Today, I do not feel that I have struggled a lot to become a CMT, it was very easy and not at all difficult as opposed to what I thought earlier. All this happened only because of Acusis and I am proud and feel that I am blessed to be a part of this program, which made my dream to come true.

Acusis user-friendly study materials and Harsha’s pleasing, positive approach and encouragement was unforgettable. Now, I strongly believe that to become a CMT, Acusis is the destination.

Bandla Vijaya

I now advise everybody whoever wants to become a CMT to take this wonderful opportunity and fulfill their ambition with the always ready-to-help Harsha and mighty Acusis, which is the only path for success in credentialing their names with a CMT.