Bina Krishna

Bina Krishna, CMT

Home Editor - Focus MT India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

When I joined MT training 12 years back after being a homemaker and full-time mother for 12 years, I knew instinctively this was a career I would do well in. My base in English language is very strong, having been a bookworm all through my life. The basic MT training I underwent was very general and I learned most of what I know today through experience and hard work. It was a huge struggle during the initial 2 years of my career, struggling to keep a day shift, working for small companies on tough files, with little or no payment, but I persisted because of my love for my work. It paid off and I soon got into a steady job and with the help of my good skills soon went from MT to Editor to Trainer to Team Leader all in a span of a year. This is my 12th year in the field of medical transcription and I work in the capacity of home-based editor at present.

To acquire an international certification and become a CMT has always been a dream that I have nursed since I started my MT career. I had inquired about the process to become a CMT a few times, but never had the courage to actually attempt it.

But the day I got the mail from Acusis in my Inbox, I saw it as an opportunity to fulfill my dream, and immediately joined the course. I think Acusis has a fantastic training program and they helped me coordinate my lessons very well. All in all, it was a great challenging and learning experience for me. Now I am feeling on top of the world, having realized my distant dream of passing the CMT exam and earning the accreditation of AHDI!

Bina Krishna