Jemmy Daniel

Jemmy Daniel, CMT

QC Specialist Acusis Chennai

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
- This was the promise given to me by God.

It is the grace of God and the hard work that have brought me to this level. I trained for medical transcription as late as 2003, and I joined Acusis in 2005 as a QA specialist, then went on to become a QC specialist. The successful tenure in Acusis thus far (5-1/2 years) is due to the motivation, encouragement, and the able guidance of my superiors. My self-confidence was built by this. Acusis has given me a good environment to work in and pursue my career.

It is the ultimate goal for any MT professional to become a CMT, and when the opportunity was provided by Acusis, I applied to get myself trained. There were difficult times after I started the training, found it difficult to cope with the training and the day-to-day household chores (even thought of quitting), but it was Harsha's encouragement and guidance which made me persist. I thank my husband and son too for supporting and encouraging me to become a CMT.

Needless to say, I was indeed very anxious on the day of the exam and called up Kavitha Rajeswar (a true friend and a guide) after entering the exam room, just minutes away from the starting time, to get a word of God and encouragement, and the above promise was given to me. I sat through the exam at a stretch without a break for 5-1/2 hours to know my result. When the monitor showed the result as "PASS" my joy knew no bounds. I immediately prayed sitting in the same chair thanking the Almighty first and then called up my husband and Kavitha to tell them the good news with teary eyes. The entire struggle I went through was forgotten at that moment!

It is a dream come true for me, and I thank Acusis and my family for the support they extended towards achieving my dream.

Jemmy Daniel