Prabhu R

Prabhu R, CMT

HT - Acusis Chennai

The three rules of business efficiency are:
Learn something every day, then you will have knowledge.
Create something every day, then you will have value.
Show courtesy to every one, then you will have good will

~a wise saying

I am very glad I could get CMT under the guidance of Acusis. I owe my success to the Training Coordinator staff of Acusis and my family members for their excellent encouragement.

After initial training, I served two other MT companies in the city. I joined Acusis as HBT in the year 2005. After sometime, I learnt about CMT and was waiting for an opportunity to get myself trained for getting it. I have learnt very much from my daily work at Acusis. The experience I gained over the years with Acusis enabled me to come out with success in CMT. Acusis honed our skills and at times made us excel in our work. The training schedule, the study materials, and the preparation tests provided by Acusis ensured me in becoming a CMT.

Now with a CMT, I realize the additional responsibility on me to work harder and efficiently to prove my worth.

Thanking you Acusis for enabling me to realize my dream and I am sure without the help of Acusis it would not have been possible. I really feel proud to be associated with Acusis which alone always delivers excellent quality work to all their clients.

Prabhu R