Shyam Kumar M S

Shyam Kumar M S, CMT

HQCA Acusis Coimbatore

I am very glad I could get CMT certified under the banner of Acusis. I would like to dedicate my success to my baby girl, my wife, my family, and all my colleagues who helped me directly or indirectly. Working the Acusis way, helped to fine tone my skills, boost my intellect, and ensured that I constantly maintained a quality oriented approach at work. It is an ultimate recognition for someone in this industry.

Although I couldn’t appear for the test conducted at Prometric, I decided to take up the beta on Harsha's advice. I felt it would be interesting and challenging to take the test in a new format. It was an immense satisfaction to test from home, as the home atmosphere and my own system and keyboard gave a feeling of comfort.

I have ever been preparing for such a situation since joining Acusis. Each and every file has been a learning process for me. I have diligently tried never to repeat the same mistake again, and feed my memory with every new bit of information coming my way.

All the preparation over the years plus the excellent training and support provided by Acusis ensured a CMT berth for me.

Thank you Acusis!

Shyam Kumar M S