Harsha P

Harsha P, CMT

Asst. Manager - Instructional Design
Acusis Bangalore

With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.
~Thomas Foxwell Buxton

When I started my career in medical transcription, some of my colleagues were talking about CMT and that is when I heard about the CMT certification. From that moment onwards, it has been a distant dream for me, but I was not sure if I would achieve it. When I joined Acusis, I realized that this dream could come true.

The opportunity given to me to train candidates for the esteemed AHDI CMT Certification helped me train myself for the CMT exam. However, my biggest drawback was the “loss of constant touch with transcription.” I had to put in a lot of time and effort to get back the “lost touch,” which I did by practising transcription every day after work….ultimately, my efforts paid off!

I would like to thank Acusis from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank Mr. Ananda Sanjeev, Dr. Batool Fatima, and my colleagues for their support and encouragement.

Last but not the least, the support that I got from my family was tremendous, which encouraged me to achieve this goal.

Harsha P