Vasudha S

Vasudha S, CMT

HT Acusis Chennai

Around the advent of new century i.e. year 2000, I was looking out for a career after a long gap. I tried many things, then came to know about medical transcription. The more I got to know, the more I felt it suited me. I joined for the course, worked in a couple of companies and finally joined Acusis in 2003, and been with them ever since. The experience has been so good. I like Acusis as a company. They take care of all aspects of medical transcription and they adapt to the changes that this field demands with ease and immediately. It is really wonderful to be associated with Acusis. I have grown and learnt a great deal during this period.


Few years back I came to know about CMT. Like any skill, medical transcription is also a skill that requires honing and I felt doing CMT would be the right thing. It would be a pinnacle in medical transcription. It became a dream for me. I was just wondering how to go about it, when I saw the clip in acuvista about it (as I said Acusis takes care of all and is constantly bringing about new things). I enrolled for it. First I was baffled with the vast portion, but the material provided, and guidance given by Harsha was excellent. The preparatory tests both theoretical and practical tests were very helpful. Even frequently asked questions provided were excellent, and helped me clear.

To all who are aspiring to be a CMT, I would say is to go through the material provided, take as many tests as possible, and make friends with people who are taking up tests with you. Exchange of questions, doubts, and material are extremely helpful. All can clear the exam with effort, planning, dedication, and complying with the instructions provided by Harsha.

Vasudha S

I take this opportunity to thank Acusis for their support in making me realize my dream of becoming a CMT, but for them I doubt I would have achieved it. Acusis is a pioneer in home transcription and ultimate in medical transcription.