Balaji V

Balaji V, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Chennai

Acusis has been like a best friend to me – It has rectified my flaws and spurred me on to scale new heights.

From QCTM to account lead and DFS to OQA It has been an eventful journey. Though I worked hard, all this would not have been possible without the opportunities provided by Acusis. I am overwhelmed by the care and interest taken by Acusis in the personal and career growth of every individual.

The training department needs special mention for designing the simulation on the lines of the actual test. I knew what to expect and eventually came out, though it is cliché, with flying colors. I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me become a CMT.


It is a wonderful feeling to have accomplished what I have aspired to do for a long time. I am excited about the future and confident that I will be able to meet the challenges that come my way, knowing that I am part of an esteemed organization - Acusis

I know this will not be the last of my achievements in Acusis.

Balaji V