Radha Viswanathan

Radha Viswanathan, CMT

Asst. Manager - Quality
Acusis Coimbatore

Acusis announced its first CMT in May 2005; that was one month after I had joined the organization. Like many others, it was my dream to become a CMT some day and this announcement was real good news to me. The first member of this club was from the QA team. Slowly, it became mandatory that all QAs should be CMTs. Quality being my passion, my goal was to become a Quality Auditor - a position which I considered as the epitome of success at Acusis. Being new to the system, I had to work hard not only to qualify but also be competent enough to remain in the QA team.


Two years later, things changed when I was offered the role of an Account Lead. Though this was not in line with my ambition, I believed I could still add value to the account that was given to me from a quality perspective and I accepted the offer. CMT, obviously, was put on the backburner. Three years of account leading was an unimaginable experience.

Acusis' initiative to nurture CMT aspirants came as a turning point for many of us. The program is absolutely helpful and I take the opportunity to thank all those involved in building this. With the increasing number of CMTs, it appears as if CMT might be considered as the minimum qualification for an editor at Acusis.

I feel proud to be associated with an organization which believes the only way to stay in business is by delivering superior quality work to all of its clients.

Radha Viswanathan

I'm urging all those who are reading this write-up (who are not yet CMTs) to take advantage of the ACMT program. With the always-smiling-and-ready-to-help Harsha, I'm sure you'll get all the support, encouragement and reassurance needed to complete the exam. Wishing you all the best!