Leela Shyam

Leela Shyam, CMT

QC Specialist Acusis Mysore

A strong passion to be closely associated to the medical field helped me with my association with Acusis. I joined Acusis in the year 2003. The experience in Acusis gave me the courage to take up the CMT exam. Acusis has given me the opportunity and encouragement to take up the CMT exam. I am thankful to Acusis for this gesture. I am really grateful to Mr. Sharath for having provided the required support. Also, my heartfelt thanks to my parents and family without whose support I could not have achieved this dream.


The ACMT prep program has been thoroughly designed in a nutshell providing the guidance needed in taking up the CMT exam. ACMT has truly proved a DREAM COME TRUE for every CMT-aspirant. I thank Mr. Harsha and the training team. The constant and timely feedback was of immense help in taking up the CMT exam. The ACMT being on-line has helped me coordinate work as well as completing the preparation needed for CMT exam.

I wish Good luck to all future aspirants!!! Once again, I thank Acusis for this achievement


Leela Shyam