Jyothi Lakshmi S

Jyothi Lakshmi S, CMT

HQCA Acusis Chennai

Acusis has carved a niche for itself in the MT industry as an organization where one is expected to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Words would not suffice to describe my pleasure of being associated with such a quality-conscious outfit.

I had a very brief relationship with Acusis in its nascent stage in Chennai as a HT; however, that was very short-lived. I joined Acusis again in 2005 as a QC and have subsequently become an HQCA. I do hope that my fruitful association with it will continue in the years to come.

To become a CMT is the goal for any aspiring MT professional, so when Acusis gave me an opportunity of realizing my dream goal, needless to say, I grabbed at it with both hands.

The excellent planning and executing that is the hallmark of Acusis was evident in the CMT Preparatory Course. The study material was out of the world. The meticulousness to detail, the fantastic support from the training team, and the preparatory exams was amazing. Thanks to the preparatory exam, the actual CMT exam felt like a breeze!

The morning of the CMT exam, I was quite anxious since I was taking up the exam at home with proctoring via the webcam. It was a truly mind-blowing experience. The first few seconds, I was quite tense but as time went by, I was confident that I would ace it because Acusis with its excellent training had given me the recipe for success.

Jyothi Lakshmi S

Without God’s blessing, none of this would have been possible and the excellent support and encouragement of my husband and my sons made it easier to achieve.

My heartfelt thanks to Acusis for making my CMT dream come true.