Krishna Kumari

Krishna Kumari, CMT

HQCA Acusis Bangalore

I give all glory to God who made this possible.

If it was not for Acusis, the journey would have been very difficult. The kind of preparation I was put through at Acusis for my CMT exam was excellent. If it was not for all that material and the training schedule and the prep tests, etc., I would not have become a CMT. I owe a debt of gratitude to Acusis for what I am today. I am very proud to be part of Acusis family. A long-cherished dream has come true. I just closed my eyes after I submitted the test and as the CMT result flashed on the screen, I felt on top of the world, as all the hard work had paid off.


I wholeheartedly thank Acusis Management and Training and Transformation Team for their sincere efforts in developing the CMT preparatory course.

My day-to-day work, family responsibilities, and the CMT preparation was a lot difficult for me, but the joy I got after passing the exam made me forget all the struggle and I would like to thank my family for being with me.

I strongly feel if medical transcription is our profession, Acusis is the best place.

Krishna Kumari