Soumya V

Soumya V, CMT

HQCA Acusis Chennai

If you are looking for higher standards and professionalism, friends, Acusis is the place to be. I truly value my career in Acusis.

Like almost every other individual in this field, my aspiration to become a CMT was high, but I did not know how to accomplish that. Had it not been Acusis, I would not have cleared the exam at the first attempt. Honestly, Acusis provides a supreme platform for the wannabe.


Acusis has a well-planned and very well-organized curriculum which facilitates the learner to memorize the content in a facile manner. The series of tests, though it was direful at the time, really helped us to meliorate day by day. The mental support provided by the training coordinator was of immense value. So CMT is the sum total of hard work, patience, doggedness, and constant search for noesis.

I look forward to be associated with this well-organized concern and would like to render my service as long as I could. Needless to say, working for an organization whose motto is Higher Standards is always a special feel.

Soumya V