Umavati N

Umavati N, CMT

QC Specialist Acusis Bangalore

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed
~ Napoleon Hill

Acusis, by helping aspiring CMTs to succeed and move ahead in career, has definitely attained huge success as a company.

4th September 2010, I was on top of the world when my long cherished dream of becoming a CMT came true.

It all began, when I came to know from one of my friends from my previous organization that Acusis is offering CMT program. At that very moment, I decided to join Acusis to fulfill my dream.


The day I entered Acusis, I was very pleased with the office ambience and the friendly people around. I was actually surprised to know that there are different departments in Acusis unlike other Transcription Companies, such as Account Leads, Quality Control, DFS, OQA, etc. and the ladder is too tall where one can climb to their satisfaction.

When the CMT program was opened, I grabbed this opportunity and took up the program consisting of intense simulation and practical exams. The training team was very supportive and encouraging throughout the program with timely feedback and making the requisite arrangements for the exam. It was a great experience altogether. Theory was cool and for the practical, the preparation was kind of everyday experience from the live files and I made sure on a daily basis at my regular work to make error free reports and that made my practical exam come through effortlessly.

Umavati N

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Acusis for introducing the CMT program and in getting me this certification.

I would also like to thank my family and my friends for their support without which I wouldn’t have achieved much.