Karthikeyan R

Karthikeyan R, CMT

QC Specialist Acusis Chennai

Our hard work and dedication will be recognized and appreciated in Acusis.

September 2, 2010, Thursday, was the day I successfully cleared my CMT exam, and I would like to thank Acusis for providing me this opportunity.

I took up medical transcription as my profession in the year 2000, and I joined Acusis in 2008. In this short span of my association with Acusis, I was provided the opportunity to grow from QCTM to account lead to QC specialist and now CMT.


I would like to thank the training team for designing the online simulation and prep program, which was very useful in preparing for the CMT exam. I also take this opportunity to thank my seniors, friends and family who helped and supported me in successfully clearing CMT.

I am looking forward for more challenges and opportunities that will be provided by Acusis.

Karthikeyan R