Krishnaveni K

Krishnaveni K, CMT

QC Specialist Acusis Coimbatore

If you have an interest to learn and grow, Acusis is the place to quench your thirst.

I joined Acusis as a QCTM in the year 2003. The organized approach and professionalism were quite encouraging for me as a newcomer. On becoming familiar with the Acusis work culture, I understood there were huge opportunities for anybody with a determination to achieve something. Obsessed with quality, I was determined to join the quality assurance team and thereby become a certified medical transcriptionist.

In 2005, due to inevitable reasons, I had to relocate which forced me to serve Acusis as an associate. I was disappointed with this move as I began to see a stagnation in my career graph.


When I got an opportunity again, I rejoined Acusis as a QC Specialist. Though I could not pursue my dream of joining the elite quality assurance team, I was awarded an equally responsible position - Account Leading.

Acusis' decision to help associates and employees become CMTs came to me as a pleasant surprise and I decided to grab this opportunity to realize a part of my dream.

While I feared the vastness of the subject, the preparatory and simulation exams that were conducted gave me complete confidence to take up the CMT exam. My special thanks to Harsha for his patience and guidance. I also want to thank my family and colleagues for extending their support throughout the course.

Krishnaveni K

This new iniative by Acusis is really encouraging and is truly appreciated. I want to thank Acusis again for the trust and all the help provided.

I would always encourage anyone to give it a shot when the opportunity comes your way. CMT is a major action step that every transcriptionist should take up to find career fulfillment.