Deepa Barani

Deepa Barani, CMT

HT Acusis Coimbatore

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time” – Acusis has always been on my side guiding me to take the right step at the right time in my career since I joined in 2005. It has given me uplifts in every aspect of my life too.

With me running at the back of my 2 sweet and naughty toddlers, I was having a hard time preparing for the exam and at one point I felt that I have taken a wrong step towards my CMT dream, but Acusis Coimbatore really helped me balance my work and preparations for CMT.


The full credit of my achievement goes to the training team. Training materials given were of excellent standard and their systematic approach towards preparation helped a lot. I was able to brush up my medical knowledge, especially my English Grammar, which played a major role in my CMT finals.

The training was so flexible that I was able to take my preps and simulations without much difficulty when I was free (during my second one’s nap time of course).

I was closing my eyes and praying to all the Gods in the world at the end of the exam and I just opened one eye to see the result and when the result flashed on the screen it was a golden moment for me. One of my long cherished dreams has become real. Thanks to Acusis for making my dream come alive.

Deepa Barani

I thank Harsha (my trainer) who believed in me and whenever I lost confidence boosted me with energy and confidence.

Thanks to my family, colleagues, and friends who supported me.

I look forward for more achievements with Acusis.