Vijayarani S

Vijayarani S, CMT

HQCA Acusis Coimbatore

The sight of an achievement is the greatest gift a human being could offer others.
~Ayn Rand

So the greatest gift that Acusis had given me is helping me receive the CMT credential. It is true that the journey was tough at times, but with the strong support of the Acusis team, including the training team, I eventually developed the confidence to face the exam.

CMT credential was an elusive dream, I had never believed that I would one day become a CMT. When I had entered the field in the beginning, I heard that CMT is an exam to be taken up in the US.


Acusis has a professional and methodical way of approaching things and the CMT prep course has been created in such a manner that anyone who is sincere and hard working can achieve their goal of becoming a certified medical transcriptionist. The theory lessons inclusive of the practical cover all the areas needed for the final exam.

I hope that many others would be willing to travel in this incredible journey towards becoming a CMT and realize their dream.

Through this process, my self confidence has been renewed and I am now ready to face new challenges. Acusis has refined and polished me.

Vijayarani S

I wish to also thank my family for being very supportive.

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.
~Ralph Charell

I had begun with some wild expectations, but I am overjoyed to have achieved one of my wild dreams.