Niyaz Ahmed

Niyaz Ahmed, CMT

HT Acusis Chennai

Thank you Acusis for making my dream of becoming a CMT come true.

On June 28, 2010, when "Congratulation" flashed across the computer screen, I was thrilled and felt tremendously relieved. All the hard work and sustained effort of the past six months had eventually paid off.

I joined Acusis in June 2004. I was exposed to many medical and surgical specialties and gained good experience and confidence. It was not possible to appear for the CMT examination in India then.


I was very happy to join the training for CMT examination. It was very interesting and informative. Sometimes, I had to struggle very hard to find the time to go through the exhaustive study material and simulation tests.

The CMT course material by Acusis covered all the body systems and other topics relevant to the medical transcription industry. It thoroughly prepared me for the actual examination. The course was better than what I had expected and I would strongly recommend it to future aspirants.

I would like to thank Mr. Harsha and Acusis management for their constant encouragement.

Niyaz Ahmed

I would also like to thank my wife for her enthusiastic support.

The whole experience has rekindled the desire for lifelong learning.

Success is a journey, not a destination
~Ben Sweetland