Vasanthy M

Vasanthy M, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Coimbatore

When I first joined Medical Transcription in 1999, I read about CMT certification a lot and one of the thoughts on my mind was to get to the pinnacle of achievement in this field; it was then that I heard about the CMT certification.

As time went by, I wondered whether one day I would be able to write the exam, what it would involve, whether I was capable of writing it, and my burning desire to accomplish this was always there at the back of my mind.

When I became an Offline Quality Assurance Team Member, I was told that I would definitely be given the opportunity by the company to write the CMT. As luck would have it, Thompson Prometric launched regular CMT exams in India and it was totally web-based. My happiness knew no bounds as this was exactly what I had hoped for!!

There was, of course, some hesitation - whether at my age, I would be able to take the stress of an exam. However, due to the valuable support extended toward me by my mentors both in Coimbatore and Bangalore, I was able to keenly stay focused. The materials provided to study were excellent, and the online simulation test was par excellence.

The D-Day finally arrived, and despite all the butterflies in my stomach , I could attempt almost all the questions, and at the end when I was flashed a message on the screen that I had passed, I was ecstatic. It was indeed a great moment!!

For me, personally this is the beginning of a journey of learning and I intend to continue it in whatever way I can by enhancing my knowledge as well as passing on to others whatever I have collected in my humble repertoire. I have been a successful trainer in the past and will always enjoy being involved in training at some level or the other.

Vasanthy M

Thank you, Acusis, and all the people who made my being a CMT possible!!