Tanuja S

Tanuja S, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Bangalore

Innovation is what makes Acusis different from other companies and gives its associates an edge over others, and I am proud to be working with such a respected organization.

It is 4 years since I became a member of the Acusis Family. The work culture, state-of-the-art technology, and processes in place have provided me and many others with a strong foundation to build a career on.

“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”

Language of Medicine is a vast subject and an in-depth knowledge of LOM is one of the basic requirements for CMT certification. Looking up the meaning of even the most familiar words and terminology that we come across in our day-to-day work is the best way one can prepare for this exam.

My sincere thanks to the Training Team and the Software Team for the exhaustive study material and preparatory exams that gave me an idea of what the actual CMT exam would be like. The CMT Exam covers almost all the topics that a person in the field of Medical Transcription should be aware of.

I am grateful to Ananda, Nanda, Sharath, Krishna Kumar, and Batool for identifying my potential and giving me the opportunity. Continuous support and encouragement from my teammates and my family helped me throughout. I consider clearing the CMT exam as one of my biggest achievements, and I aim to keep my learning curve going up at a steady pace.

My heartfelt thanks to the Acusis Management Team, Training Team, and Systems Team.

Tanuja S

I wish all the aspiring CMTs all the very best!