Subasree B

Subasree B, CMT

HT Acusis Chennai

Thank You ….. Two small words to convey the infinite feeling in my heart - If not for Acusis, I would not have achieved my goal.

“Thank You”

“Two small words to convey the infinite feeling in my heart”

I cannot adequately convey how I feel towards Acusis whatever I write, but I shall try.

I started my career as a transcriptionist at Acusis in 2001. I can say I view Acusis as my child. I have seen it being born, crawl, walk, talk, run, climb, and achieve and it certainly took me with it throughout its growth. I feel proud of its glory and it has certainly made me proud by giving me this opportunity. I have never felt at home anywhere other than Acusis. Never once have I felt tired of working for Acusis despite my bad health at times. Every day, it has been a joy to begin work and a challenge to achieve.

To become a CMT had been my dream and goal since the day I paid my fees for learning Medical Transcription with another company, but I was told that I cannot achieve it easily as I have long way to go and many, even after 10 years of working in the field, have not achieved this.

But here, I am, with the guidance and sponsorship of Acusis, a proud CMT within 6 years. I did drive hard to get here but without Acusis, I would certainly have been slowed down a lot.

The training given was extensive, study materials exhaustive, simulation and prep's challenging, and motivation and encouraging plenty, which all put together has brought me to this height.

Subasree B

I still remember the day when I received a mail from Acusis stating that I have been selected for the CMT program which has been a golden day for me.

I have shared my joys and sorrows, ups and downs with Acusis and feel part of Acusis family. I sincerely pray to God that I should be with Acusis till the last day of my working!

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.
~ William Shakespeare (Me too!!)