Srikanth N

Srikanth N, CMT

HT Acusis Chennai

As you climb the ladder of success, be sure it is leaning against the right building

November 26, 2007 will be remembered by me forever as an important milestone was crossed in my career as a medical transcriptionist. I passed my CMT Exam on that day.

I started my career as a medical transcriptionist in 1995. Midway through 1999, I actually thought of quitting medical transcription altogether to look for another job due to health reasons. I took the home transcription option then in 2001 with another company, and my long association with Acusis started in 2002. I continue to grow in all aspects of my career in association with Acusis.


When I was selected for the CMT program, my first thought was about whether I would really be able to live up to the expectations of Acusis. I was doubtful whether I would be able remember all the basics which had been taught during my training 12 years back. However, the excellent guidance and provided by Acusis Training Team by way of the study materials and the prep and simulation tests really helped me prepare well for the exam. The constant encouragement and useful tips given by the CMTs and friends in Acusis whenever I had any doubts really helped me.

I am proud that I completed the CMT Exam with the help of Acusis. I am indebted to Acusis management and all my friends and family who helped me achieve this.

Srikanth N

"As you climb the ladder of success, be sure it is leaning against the right building."

Certainly, I have chosen the right building, and look forward to more climbing.