Savitha Sharma

Savitha Sharma, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Bangalore

Never, never, never, never give up. Make a success of living by seeing a goal and aiming for it unswervingly. You never really lose until you stop trying.

It has been 5+ years of wonderful working experience with Acusis. I have learnt a lot from Acusis professionally and I must tell Acusis is a “place of opportunity.” I am grateful to have been a part of such an organization which has kept so much of trust in me and has always boosted my confidence in achieving heights which I have always dreamt of.


CMT certification was kind of an aim when I joined the industry eight years back and I was not sure if I could ever become one and now it has come true and it is all because of Acusis. I thank Acusis wholeheartedly for giving me such an opportunity and keeping the faith in me throughout and supporting me. I would like to thank Chitra for supporting me throughout and bringing that “positive energy” in me. Last but not the least, the support of my family, especially my Dad (who recently passed away and no more with us) and my husband without whose support CMT would be impossible for me.

My suggestion for CMT aspirants would be thorough knowledge of Language of Medicine and concentrating on the English grammar usage while transcribing and editing which would make it easy to take up the practical portion of CMT.

Savitha Sharma