Roopa M

Roopa M, CMT

QA Auditor Acusis Bangalore

September 3, 2005, was one of the most memorable days of my life, probably a close third to my other two most memorable days – April 22, 2001 (the Gordian knot, aka my wedding) and August 26, 2004 (the birth of my daughter, adding to population by one, headache by a dozen, and love and laughter by a zillion). I passed my CMT exam on September 3rd – let me state that and restate that and pinch myself so that I know it is a fact and not a dream.


Passing CMT is dreamlike to me. When this exciting opportunity was presented to me by Acusis, I did not think I had it in me to pass it. I kept postponing it, shoving it to a corner of my mind, an unused corner which I never dusted, and got busy with work and running behind a super-fast toddler. But Acusis, in the direct form of KK (Krishnakumar), inspired of course by both Nanda (Nandakumar) and Ananda (Ananda Sanjeev), persisted, showed confidence in me which I never possessed myself, and reassured me that all I have to do is make time for some rudimentary preparations, brushing up the basics so to speak, and I will be able to clear the test. And that is precisely what I did. I took five days off from work, plodded through LOM, skimmed through AAMT Guidelines, and I prayed and bargained with God and took the test.

And I passed it. There were hurdles, questions that were tricky, terms that were oh-so-clear but still unfamiliar, the memorized Arizona Medical Center and CHP account specifics coming in the way of AAMT rules that had to be followed for the CMT test, but all in all, I realized that the test was far simpler than I had ever expected it to be. My experience might have done the trick. The accounts I had the fortune to handle, the wide variety of dictation types I was exposed to might have helped. And on retrospect, I am certain on one aspect – Acusis had a huge role to play in my passing the CMT test.

Let me not forget to mention my friends in Acusis who stood by me and suffered my pessimistic outbursts, especially Chitra (my friend, advisor, mentor, confidante, the first Acusis India CMT) who was so sure that I would pass the test that she bet me on it and won (a dinner at Leela Palace!!!)

Roopa M