Padmashree R

Padmashree R, CMT

HT Acusis Mysore

Thank you Acusis, for giving me this opportunity to become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist!

I had a great start of the year 2008 as I cleared my CMT exam on January 2, 2008.

After completing 5 years of being with Acusis I became a CMT with the help of Acusis, which is like a dream come true for me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first got a call from Acusis and was told that I was one among the selected few to be given the opportunity of taking the CMT exam. Though grateful, I was not confident at all about taking qualifying exam, simulation test, and the actual CMT exam itself!!

I work from a remote place as a HT and I thought it would be difficult for me to get the material for preparation. But, Acusis training team provided all the material required and guided me. All my fears flew away with the excellent guidance and training!!

Acusis has always recognized and encouraged talent and has always given equal opportunity for all its associates working with them. I feel proud to be part of Acusis Team.

My sincere thanks to Acusis for giving me this opportunity!

I look forward to more challenges as a CMT.

Padmashree R