Manjula H

Manjula H, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Mysore

Each day promises an enriching learning experience and it becomes even more evident when being part of dedicated and a committed team at Acusis.

I look forward to a more enriching and rewarding career ahead with Acusis for years to come.

Flexibility, Friendly work-culture, Emphasis on individual growth and Opportunity to work on latest technology makes it a great place to work. Enablement, Exposure, and Empowerment practice has ensured proper grooming and balanced development of resources.


It has been quite good experience for me while working here in open, friendly & flexible work environment. Everybody is co-operative and believes in Team Work to achieve excellence in work. Performance is the measure of success and sky is the limit to grow, but we need a platform to perform and grow which Acusis definitely provides.

Accomplishments are shared across the board. No one stands alone. Our tasks are accomplished as a result of a genuine collective effort. Last but not least my seniors are supportive and the company culture is such that higher management is always accessible.

I am proud to be a member of the Acusis Family where we all contribute equally as a team for the growth and prosperity of the family.

It offers endless opportunities for everyone to excel and achieve their personal goals.

Manjula H

I have been in this organization for the last 3-3/4 years. I have had lavishing experiences working with various intellects, which have helped me grow to the fullest of my skills and experiences. I think the key element that makes people stay in this company is the work culture, homely environment, and friendly people.

I am very proud to be part of the Acusis family, where challenges never cease to end. And to be provided with freedom, respect, friendly culture, inspiration to innovate, motivation to excel and improvise. Finally, to be appreciated and recognized by the organization is extremely satisfying. In simple words to put it across "A place to be at work where success thrives."