Lakshmi Narayan

Lakshmi Narayan, CMT

QA Specialist Acusis Bangalore

My first thought when I was told to appear for the CMT exam was one of intense trepidation. The CMT exam encompasses the entire gamut of whatever I, first as an MT, later as QC analyst have been learning and working on for the past 6 years. There were many moments when I wondered if I could really succeed in my attempt. The elation I felt when I got the 'CMT pass' message is totally inexpressible.

I couldn’t wait to inform my family, my friends, my colleagues and anyone and everyone I knew about my success in passing the exam.


Since I joined Acusis Bangalore in 2003 initially as a QC team member, there has been no looking back. I had reached a saturation point in my career as an editor/proofreader when I got the opportunity to join Acusis Bangalore. The work environment, the technology, and the continuous challenges make my work more interesting and time saving. The freedom to voice our opinions and the constant enhancements of work tools came as a refreshing change from what I had been used to working at earlier. At Acusis, you will never find a dull moment at work -it would be more akin to an adventure trip….. you never know what you will be doing next!

Lakshmi Narayan

When I was offered the option of working from home, I had the predictable initial dread since this home-working mode was a comparatively new concept in our country, but now I would never trade this mode for anything! Working from home for Acusis is a boon as it gives me so much flexibility with my work timings. At the same time with so many aids to help me, working from home has never been a problem. Also with constant connectivity on IP I have never felt left out or lonely.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the management and my colleagues at Acusis for reassuring me with “you can do it, don’t worry; we have full confidence in you" whenever I voiced my doubts. I consider myself very fortunate to have such wonderful people around me who egged me on when I couldn’t trust myself to be that good, and to have been given this chance to attempt and pass the CMT. It has given me a renewed sense of self confidence in myself.

What does the future hold, now that I have got the magic letters 'CMT' after my name? Well, there are many more goals to reach, I would like to be an inspiration for others wishing to attempt the CMT exam, sky is really the limit…