Hemila H

Hemila H, CMT

Sr. QA Specialist Acusis Coimbatore

I chose medical transcription as my career in 2000 and I have come a long way since then! I was trained in a small town named Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District and got started on my first job there.

When I joined Acusis Coimbatore in 2003 with great hopes and aspirations; it was like making a new start in my career. With ongoing guidance provided by Acusis, I am a quality assurance specialist today after holding various other responsibilities.

CMT was talked about highly among medical transcriptionists, but it was a distant dream for me until Acusis offered it as an opportunity. When my peers became CMTs, I knew that my turn would come too and it eventually did - in January 2007.


The long days of preparation for the exams began and I enjoyed every moment of it – the long nights and the steaming cups of coffee. The prep and simulation tests readied me for the final event. With the high level of confidence that my colleagues and supervisors had in me than I had in myself, I appeared for the exam on a Tuesday morning. The strenuous hours slowly passed by and finally the anxiously awaited message popped up on the screen that I had passed. The feeling that I had accomplished something made me feel really happy.

I give all the glory to God who made everything possible. I am grateful to Acusis for believing in me and providing me with this opportunity. I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues who assured and encouraged me that I could achieve this. With CMT only being the first step towards achieving higher goals, I look forward to a very bright future in Acusis with many more such endeavors waiting to happen.

Hemila H

Ability is of little account without opportunity." Acusis is one such organization where opportunities are limitless and open to all.