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Step 4: Acusis Contract
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Step 4

Is there a legal document that explains our mutual commitment and covers all risks?
Now that you have made a wise decision to join the Acusis HT team, you will receive an Acusis HT contract, which is a detailed legal document that covers all critical aspects including:

  • Confidentiality & Nondisclosure norms
  • Payment Matrix
  • Deliverables on quality and quantity
  • Guarantees of timely and accurate payment
  • Career stability in any eventuality
  • Performance indicators
  • Termination & Continuation clauses
  • Technical Infrastructure & Support
  • Contract Renewals

* Acusis contract is not a bond and remains valid for a period of 1 year from the time of signing. There would be timely renewals    upon mutual consensus as every year rolls by also executed via Acusis eContract.

* Upon completion of Acusis contract signing, you will need to ensure you have the required computer, power backup, and internet    connection (s) to begin work for Acusis.

How do we execute this contract?
Acusis Recruitment team will activate your access to Acusis eContract, yet another pioneering module to enable you to complete this legal formality by signing digitally and securely online thus saving reams of paper and couriering logistics. This is an online process which does not involve any cost or digital signature procurement overheads on yourself. Acusis technology and related interface takes care of all these as you review and consent with your clicks.
Acusis eContract module allows you to view, review, download, archive, and print mutually signed legal contractual document.

* Electronically signed documents are 100% legal and recognized and valid at all state and central government agencies.